As you can understand from the name of the website, I am Serkan Bolat :)SB

I have created this website to share my interests, news that I found interesting and my views about the current affairs… What will be these interests and news? Technology, movies, games, books, recent events… Items that I read/watched and liked on web etc. Deeper than that, I am planning to use this blog as future diary for myself that shows what we have been through, what we had talked, discussed and felt in the past. Of course, this does not mean I will post every day 🙂

To shortly describe myself, I was born in Mersin, went to college in Ankara (capital city of Turkey) and worked there for 3 years. I have moved to İstanbul for career change afterwards and lived there for 5 years. Finally I moved to Antalya, again for career change in June 2014, and currently living here. I have never seen myself as a person of a city, that’s why I dislike saying I am from here and there (like New Yorker :)) What matter is the people that you live and have fun together in the city, not the city itself. In my opinion, I could be very happy where I live with the people I love in a city that meets basic standards of life (that has movie theaters, theaters, bookstores, parks and easily accessible transportation methods).

I constantly question my life, but like most of the people I rarely make major changes. However in contrary to most, I feel like I am always in the verge of a major change.

That’s enough for here, you can learn more about myself via reading my posts 🙂

Thanks in advance for reading/watching and commenting on my posts.

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