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In this post, I would like to mention about a training (which I had participated in February 2014) and its philosophy that increased my self awareness and changed my view of life. The training is “Optimum Balance Model” (OBM), and the trainer is Tamer Dövücü.

The training consists of 3 steps. First 2 steps are open to public participation, however only psychologists and psychotherapists are allowed for third step of the training since it requires more technical knowledge. I had participated to first step only. This first step explains the fundamentals and theoretical part of the model, that lasted for 6 days (including Friday’s and 2 weekends) however recently it was shortened to 5 days. Second step explains how you can implement the model in real life, and lasts for 9 days. You can learn the dates of the trainings and cities that trainings will take place in this link

Tamer Dövücü also published a book about the model, which explains the content of the training more in details. As far as I know, English version of the book is soon to be published. Although the book is not an alternative to the training, you can still read it if you are not living in any of the city that trainings will take place, or you don’t have time. But I strongly recommend you to participate to this training 🙂

To motivate you to participate, I will explain the major parts of the training in bullet points as per me, as far as I understand. However, as Tamer said at the beginning of training, you can get from the training as much as you prepared to get. That’s why there are lots of people who had participated more than once, and they can get different insights from it whenever they participate since they had different experiences.

  • Model is not just pure “Self Development”. It consists this aspect however, Tamer also bases it to philosophy and psychotherapy. Besides, he is the one who introduced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to Turkey and also gives trainings about Erickson Psychotherapy.
  • I can summarize the purpose of the training as; understand yourself, understand people and understand life. Understanding life is an outer journey, which leads us to success, creativity and modesty. Understanding yourself is an inner journey, which leads us to enlightenment and peace. Understanding people is both an inner and outer journey, which leads us happiness, wisdom and conformity.
  • We can itemize 5 fundamentals that need to be balanced as per OBM,
    • To balance “Success” with “Peace”,
    • To balance “Me” with “Us”,
    • To balance Ego,
    • To balance “Consciousness” with the “Subconscious”,
    • To balance Brain-Effort-Heart.
      These are the items that lead people to happiness. Going to extremes does not make you happy, it just gives pleasure and you can not balance it. Because in order to keep the same pleasure level, you need to do more which creates addiction and makes you uncomfortable.
  • When we combine all maps, we see 4 main functions. People are either extrovert or introvert, or either conformist or nonconformist. As per OBM, extrovert conformity brings “success”; extrovert nonconformity creates “anxiety”. Introvert nonconformity makes “depression”; introvert conformity creates “peace”. People are always in this loop among their lives. To see the functions and where is “Optimum Balance” in x and y axises, please see the chart below.OBM1
  • If we put two main components of human nature “Knowing” and “Doing” into the same plane, it becomes more clear, especially for work life. If we do what we know, we become “Successful”. Then we promote and take more responsibilities, that we do not really know what to do, but we are obliged to do something which creates “Anxiety”. We struggle some time, then give up to do so, we prefer not to do which brings us to “Depression”. Finally, we accept this situation, we know what we do not know, but become ready to learn again leads us to “Peace”.OBM2
  • The time that spend in each of these phases may vary from people to people. Some should stay in “Success” phase with his/her ability to learn fast, some should easily find strength to do again and quickly leave “Depression”. What is important here is to know this loop is a process to be lived, be aware of which phase we are in and move to the next phase.
  • Which I found very interesting in this plane, is the reality of “Success” is applicable only for work life, and “Peace” is applicable for social life. It is an unrealistic expectation to be peaceful in work life or successful in social life. That’s why model offers, that people need to spend almost equal time and effort for both phases to be happy in life overall, which is shown as “Optimum Balance” area in the chart.
  • Beside all these, you learn lots of other things in the training like natural and regulator systems; different identities of people that are visible in different environments; how to balance relations of couples or parent and child etc.

Once more I recommend you to read the book to get more details and participate to the training if you are interested about what I wrote above as a long summary.

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